RRR Full Movie Cast | S.S. Rajamouli Los Angeles Times front page for RRR

RRR Full Movie Cast | S.S. Rajamouli Los Angeles Times front page for RRR– Hello friends, how are you guys, I hope everyone will be fine, I am also fine, today I have come to tell you that today there is such a wonderful news that you will be shocked to hear, you will be happy, you will start missing because there is such a news. .

Yes, I am telling SS from South India. Rajamouli front page of Los Angeles Times for RRR or S.S. Rajamouli sir who makes films like Bahubali 1 and Bahubali 2 and RRR. Whose director is SS Rajamouli.

On the photo of SS Rajamouli in Los Angeles Times newspaper on the front page SS Rajamouli ji’s photo and that too on the Los Angeles Times news paper and for what because RRR had directed such a great film that made him feel so good.

A lot was told about him in the first page copy of the Los Angeles Times front page copy of his photo and companion, which I am going to tell you further, stay tuned, in this post we will tell you the whole thing one by one, let’s start you.

S.S. Rajamouli Los Angeles Times front page for RRR

What are the tremendous possibilities for RRR director SS Rajamouli, we are going to talk further.

S.S. Rajamouli Sir watch more american movies and give more importance to his action flicks that’s why due to design of those RRR this tarike now america his best action sharing tollywood movie and It’s dancing, it’s better that everyone has liked the film, which has been made from India.

BY JEN YAMATO For RRR film director SS. Rajamouli

RRR film director S.S. What does Jane Yamato say about Rajamouli ji? We are going to go ahead.

ss rajamouli ji who guessed so much applause because of triple director triple r movie so much applause because of such expensive movie RRR Director SS. Rajamouli ji it could be that his south asian audience who are there But the spectators saw him and started whistling.

His hit film RRR was sold online in Minto, the highest screen opening film ever in America, but this is a matter of Hollywood, not of Hyderabad.

The people there have to celebrate whether the audience there is promoting and spreading it because of the world because of the bad of watching the RRR movie

Because he had fallen in love so much with the film that the people there reached home because of it. People used to praise him and because of word of mouth, he had created so much hype.

The veteran director wasn’t sure the film would create such a buzz as he arrived at the TCL Chinese Theater for an IMAX screen of the action epic from his 3-hour period in September and I, a historical film historical film.

As long as they were welcomed with thunderous applause, then as soon as the film started, there were cheers for actors Ramcharan and NTR.

The film was made by India’s Telugu language industries, which, like the two megastars of Tollywood, Ramcharan and Jr. NTR, were applauded there.

Before the inter-mission of the film, all the audience members reached in front of the screen in the theater to dance to the famous song Nato Nato song which is a viral famous song, because the song has impressed them so much.

American jubilant fans applaud for RRR Movie

As the film came to an end, people started clapping and whistling which sent a wave of happiness among the fans.

Jumping started clapping, the city started ringing, for each and every use hero moment, this film impressed him so much.

RRR Full Movie Cast

When all this was happening, SS Rajamouli ji was present there in the middle of the theater and all of them were watching.

When SS Rajamouli ji saw all this, he started saying whistle, shouting, screaming, lifting, standing, dancing in front of the stage showing his love. Seeing all this, he started saying Oh my God Unhoon, breaking a wide smile proudly in the next afternoon, where proved It is said that America has got fever because of RRR.

SS. Rajamouli’s point of view about American audience response

SS Rajamouli ji said that I had never thought even in my wildest dreams that people would be so impressed and showered with so much love because of my film.

SS Rajamouli ji who is 49 years old he is 49 years old two epic film franchise film before RRR (Rise Roar Revolt) which was two film ancient epic Bahubali The Beginning which came in 2015 and after that Bahubali The Conclusion which It was Main Thi in 2017 which won the theaters and at the box office and was considered the successful film of 2017.

Bahubali The Conclusion, which came in 2017, was followed by S.S. Rajamouli ji did not direct any film, almost took a one-year sabbatical.

S.S. Rajamouli fees for Bahubali

Friends, if I talk about the fees of S. Rajamouli sir in Bahubali Full Movie, then it is said that S. Rajamouli sir had charged a fee of 28 crores for Bahubali.

Prabhas fees for Bahubali 2

And if I talk about the fees of Prabhas then he charged Bahubali movie 25 Crores and Rana Daggubati charged 15 Crores.

SS Rajamouli Sir again made an energetic come back and his father who is screenwriter V. Vijendra Prasad ji.

SS. Rajamouli’s father V. Vijendra Prasad again wrote a story based on two freedom fighters of 1920.

RRR Full Movie Cast

Which was based on an unlikely friendship. SS Rajamouli ji on Indian historical heroes which was played by Komaram Bheem ji whose character was played by Rama Rao Jr. NTR ji.

And Alluri Sitaram Raju whose character was played by our beloved Ramcharan ji.

The story was written in a manner which is sectional in which it was shown that British law has ruled India and they are doing lot of atrocities.

In the film S.S. Rajamouli ji merged Komaram Bheem and Aluri Sitaram Raju ji together and made their friendship brotherhood but they had to be divided in Bura.

Why because it was necessary to do the same, when you see it in the film, you will understand.

Don freedom fighters fight together, rebel against British law, fight against them and how they live them, you can see all this in the film, it seems that Don is not a hero, he is a super hero, you must watch the film once more. You’ll know.

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