The 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

The exceptional size and coat quality can drive up the cost of a Maine Coon.

10 - Maine Coon:

The luxurious coat and flat face drive up the prices of Persian cats.

9 - Persian:

The desirable gray coat and green eyes contribute to the price of Russian Blues.

8 - Russian Blue:

The distinctive folded ears can increase the value of Scottish Fold cats.

7 - Scottish Fold:

Rare colors in the British Shorthair can fetch high prices.

6 - British Shorthair:

The unique appearance of furless Sphynx cats makes them popular.

5 - Sphynx:

Furless or short-coated, the value of a Peterbald varies with the type of coat.

4 - Peterbald:

Similar to wild leopards, the presence and energy of Bengals add to their value.

3 - Bengal:

A rare hybrid of domestic, serval, and leopard cats, commands a hefty sum.

2 - Ashera:

Crossbred with servals, the exotic looks and lineage of Savannah cats make them expensive.

1 - Savannah: